Since when I became a language teacher, I have wondered about ways to make language learning more efficient and less frustrating. My involvement with this thesis project was deep from the beginning, and I do not plan to change this after graduation. As an instructional designer and a passionate language teacher, I intend to continue developing LanguageBug.


I am not by myself anymore, as I was at the beginning of my thesis course. Now, there is a team of at least three people (Amanda Leticia, Daniel Negri, and Ludmilla Aires, all thesis committee members) who are interested in keeping this project active.


Similarly, I have now a considerable amount of structured research to justify my decisions and a working proof-of-concept prototype. This means that it is much easier now to advocate for this project than it was a year, or even six months ago.


A working prototype of LanguageBug is already accessible to anyone on But I would really like to make arrangements for a more structured release of a Beta version of the app to the general public.


LanguageBug is licensed under the GNU Affero GPL License, therefore, anyone can also access, download, and even redistribute the source code of the app through

A next step would be to approach different communities of interests (language enthusiasts, instructional designers, …) to look for other collaborators.


Finally, a one-year thesis project seemed to be more than enough time to develop the LanguageBug app, but it was not. I consider the possibility of applying for a Ph.D. program where I could further develop the research and the design of LanguageBug.

Not at this very moment, though. Maybe in a few years?